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Texas Gulf Coast Electrical JATC




The following are required in order to apply for the apprenticeship program.



  Be at least 18 years old

Picture identification (Valid Driverís License or I.D.) and birth certificate

  Be a high school graduate or equivalent

  High School diploma or GED certificate 

 Have completed one full credit of ALGEBRA I (or equivalent).

 High School and/or College transcript.  Official Transcripts and official GED scores are the only acceptable forms of documentation.  Transcripts must be officially sealed and unopened.  Transcripts must be reviewed and accepted by the JATC office before an application can be issued.

Be a U.S. citizen, lawful resident, or authorized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to hold employment

  Social Security Card, Resident Alien Card, or other proper documentation




Documented 4000 hours of on the job experience in the Electrical Construction will bypass HS diploma and Algebra requirement

You must also:

         Be physically fit and capable of performing the work of the trade.

         Have reliable and unlimited use of a motor vehicle to get you from job to job and to classes.

         Be willing to travel.  Apprentices may have to travel long distances within the JATC jurisdiction. (Jurisdiction covers Victoria south to Brownsville)




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